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Invitations & Announcements

  In planning a wedding or any event, there are certain specifics that come to mind when envisioning the day.  And, sometimes, things close to our heart, in the exact way that we envision them, are hard to find.  The heart and core of Boulevard Designs is the personalized and customized approach to design.  I work closely with my clients to bring their own personal vision to life.  We spend time discussing all aspects of their event so that the stationery, which is sometimes the first introduction to the day, captures their vision.

     All of my work is customized.  Sometimes clients come to me and have a specific vision in mind, and other times clients share their theme and colors with me, and ask that I come up with some ideas of my own for them to choose from.  Other times, clients have seen something that I designed already, whether it was for a wedding or another event, and ask that I make a few tweaks to it to modify it to their own specifics.  With whatever approach we embark on a design, your end result will always be something entirely exclusive to you and your event.

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