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   The heart of Boulevard Designs  is the personalized and customized approach to design.  It’s very seldom that a client I’m working with will choose an invitation from my portfolio exactly as is.  I work closely with my clients to bring their own personal vision to life.  We spend time discussing color scheme, venue, and flowers, and with these informational tools in hand, it is then that I begin to create.




       There is a line in the film When Harry Met Sally which references Sally’s manner of ordering at restaurants.  It reads as follows:  "I just want it the way I want it”.  Sally’s meal always comes out exactly the way that she visualized it.  My aspiration for Boulevard Designs is to provide my clients with a creative design that is truly unique and unlike any other, and distinct in a way that is personal only to them, exactly as they had envisioned.     

   About the founder and designer ...let's meet Jennifer Gentile-Bruno.         

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