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     Per the dictionary, the meaning of celebrate is "to observe a notable occasion with festivities".  Whether it be a 50th birthday, a college graduation, or a bon voyage, we all love to find an occasion to bring family and friends together to join in toasting a special moment.

As I do with wedding stationery, I work closely with my clients to design a celebratory invitation or announcement that truly captures the theme of the event, the meaning of the special moment, or the essence of the person to be celebrated.  I gather as many details as possible; from the venue location to the color motif, and to hobbies and favorite colors of the honoree; in order to develop a personalized vision for the particular celebration.  I always ensure that the theme is carried throughout all of the stationery from the invitations, to menus and place cards, as well as favor tags and follow up "Thank you Cards".

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